Treatment outcomes

Depending on a child’s individual vision problem, Vision Therapy can help:

  • Make processing information more efficient
  • Make schoolwork easier
  • Eliminate fatigue and headaches
  • Improve coordination and hands-on tasks

As a result of Vision Therapy, reading usually becomes not just easier, but more enjoyable! Up-close work such as writing and craftwork can become less frustrating. Homework can be done faster and without tears.

Read is what some of our patients and their families had to say about their experiences with Vision Therapy.

“Prior to coming to Vision Therapy, I kept telling my mom during reading how tired my eyes were and how they hurt. I didn’t like to read. Now after 24 weeks of Vision Therapy, my eyes don’t hurt or get tired. I enjoy reading and have read eight books in the past two months—a real accomplishment for me as I would barely finish a book before.”

“Madison was struggling with reading, especially in the area of comprehension. She liked school, but never loved it. Now after going through Vision Therapy, Madison’s attitude towards reading and school has totally changed. Her scores on the MAP test in reading this year have improved dramatically. She is loving school for the first time.”

“I used to have lots of homework every night. I would get done at 10 at night. Now I noticed my reading is a lot better and I understand what I am reading. I bring less homework home and it only takes about an hour to get done. My grades are improving and I’m doing better in my classes.”

“The results in about three months have been spectacular… Ben’s ability to throw accurately, with precision, has led him to a goal of becoming a little league pitcher.”

“During one of the visual tests the specialist asked her if the words were moving around on the page. [She] turned to us and innocently asked, ‘Don’t the letters and words move all around on the page when you read?’ We couldn’t believe what she had gone through all those years! The results have been miraculous. This week she was able to read for an hour and 45 minutes without eye strain.”