Success Stories

Depending on a child’s individual vision problem, Vision Therapy can help:

  • Make processing information more efficient
  • Make schoolwork easier
  • Eliminate fatigue and headaches
  • Improve coordination and hands-on tasks

As a result of Vision Therapy, reading usually becomes not just easier, but more enjoyable! Up-close work such as writing and craftwork can become less frustrating. Homework can be done faster and without tears.

Here is what some of our patients and their families had to say about their experiences with Vision Therapy.

“What is impossible? It is something that cannot be done. For most people it is impossible to go to the ocean. For me, it was to regain my visual memory. The doctors told me that I would never regain my visual memory or peripheral vision. I am missing partial vision because I had brain surgery in fifth grade. As an after effect of the surgery, I had chronic migraines that would last days on end. I would spend hours in urgent care to days in the hospital. After going to the same doctors, doing the same tests, missing one hundred and one days of school, my parents knew it was time to look elsewhere. They were interested in what Dr. Wonderling did. I started doing eye therapy at Vision Therapy Academy with Laura. After a week or two I felt terrible. But one thing I learned from all the doctors is that it gets worse before it gets better. I imprinted that into my mind and pushed myself to school and to more sessions. Through the months of eye therapy I regained all my visual memory and most of my peripheral vision. Now I am impressed that I was barely able to go and stay at school and now I can read impressively fast. Laura always kept me calm. She told me that with my determination, motivation, and their help, I will get it done. I indeed get it finished. I have always loved to read but it was always so hard to read and not fall asleep or get a migraine. Since eye therapy, I have been able to read several books and not be tired after reading and I am able to read faster. I am also able to comprehend what I read easier. Knowing so, I will be attending college in Colorado. I will be able to go to school, do schoolwork, and have fun without the worry of migraines.”  — Cricket, age 18

“When Carter started vision therapy, he was wearing new glasses and still struggling to read and see in school.  He struggled in soccer and baseball. Carter commented that it was hard for him to see the ball coming from across the field and catching a fly ball was even harder. My nephew had done vision therapy a few years ago and experienced success so I thought Carter should give it a try. We had been consulting an eye surgeon but I wanted to try therapy first. Carter worked very hard throughout his course.  I was amazed at the difference it has made in his life and in his schoolwork. His grades have improved and he has less homework too because he can keep up at school.  Amazing experience!”  — Pauline, mother of Carter age 9

“Before vision therapy, reading and comprehension never came easy for me. I always had to reread the same passage 3 or 4 times before understanding. As a college student, this made studying quite difficult and tiring. Today I am a whole new person. I am enjoying reading more now than ever. Studying is a lot easier and I am a lot faster all around. I couldn’t have imagined how much of a difference vision could make. I am forever thankful.”  — Chelsy, age 20

“Vision therapy has helped me a lot. I worked hard the whole time. In reading, I can track better and if I focus I can read faster. In baseball, I can catch fly balls and when I am up to bat I can find the ball out of the pitcher’s glove. When I play hockey, I can see my teammates to pass the puck to.  Thank you!” — Jackson, age 10

“During one of the visual tests the specialist asked her if the words were moving around on the page. [She] turned to us and innocently asked, ‘Don’t the letters and words move all around on the page when you read?’ We couldn’t believe what she had gone through all those years! The results have been miraculous. This week she was able to read for an hour and 45 minutes without eye strain.”